I18n-express demo site

I18n-express demonstration site

Internationalize a public website or a single-page web app

Let's get started! (Github doc)

Welcome on the i18n-express demonstration website

Get started quickly

Just add i18n-express to your project and tells the URL you want to internationalize, even 404 pages

Progressive and modular

Add the URLs to internationalize progressively and translate your templates as you go.
One translation file per URL and per locale, each translation key can involve values to be included in the translation.


I18n-express translates your templates with powerful and fast regular expressions. Built-in translation keys are provided to merge the locale in use or the canonical URL in your template.
Smart locale detection: i18n-express detects the best locale to use from the browser headers, for single-page app, the host URL already tells the locale to use.